I got something to learn? “Drink vodka!” — say British scientists

Before you read this post, we will put a clear disclaimer:

The wording of Bigpic strongly advises you not to abuse alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is the evil that destroys health, family, career, and any attempt in the future to experience happiness without the Beers.

And now to business.

Researchers from Exeter University (Yes, friends, this is the famous British scientists) empirically proved that alcohol enhances the memorization process. “Well, the game will tell you. — This morning here was through with alcohol and don’t remember! How alcohol may improve memory?” A logical question. But it’s true. The fact that alcohol in the chips carries anterograde memory (memories of events in the disease process of the brain or intoxication in our case) and improves the retrograde memory (memory for events preceding the Buster).

Researchers recruited for the experiment, 88 people that were not specific alcoholics, but periodically preburial for good reason. They were given cards with words that had replaced some of the letters (for example, frenzylk from the word frenzy, “rage”), and poured drink. The experiment showed that people who drank alcohol, remember cards than those who drank non-alcoholic drinks. In the first stage amount of drinking, which is issued in one hand, was regulated and was small.

For the sake of science, scientists went even further. They felt that laboratory results can be unrepresentative. So people were allowed to thump right at home and as much as you want.

The next morning the researchers, wincing from the smell of fume, measured the level of alcohol in the blood of the subjects and checked again that the participants remembered. It turned out that suffering from a hangover of the British showed the results the better, the more he drank the night before. So scientists have concluded that drinking helps you better remember information that was learned prior to the adoption of the breast. On average, one participant came dose of alcohol, equivalent to a glass of vodka (weak guys were).

Commenting on the findings, the researchers frankly admitted that they do not really understand why this is so. The theory is that alcohol somehow makes it easy to move information from temporary memory to long-term and affects the brain during sleep.

So, coming home from work after drinking with colleagues, show this post to my wife/husband and tell me what you just tried to learn important information. British scientists not bad advice.

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