Californian infected with coronavirus at the party, left a warning for the day before he died

A California resident who contracted the coronavirus after visiting the party, published in social networks post a warning just the day before his death.

The 51-year-old Tommy Macias began to show symptoms a week after he attended a party in lake Elsinore (70 miles from Los Angeles) in early June.

June 20, the man left on Facebook message, in which he expressed regret that did not comply with security measures — putting your family in danger.

“Because of my stupidity in danger was my mother and my sisters my whole family. — wrote Macias — Then what I’m going through, just awful.”

“I’m not kidding. If you need to go out, wear a mask and keep the social distance”.

At the end of the post, Tommy expressed the hope that it will be able to overcome the disease — but, as it became known to the media, died the next day.

According to family members, Macias, who was suffering from diabetes and obesity, long observed all possible security measures. However, the man decided to attend a party when the Governor Newsom announced the easing of the rules of quarantine.

Alas, Tommy was one of at least 10 people infected in that day COVID-19. Hasty decision cost him his life.

Today in California, there are already about 223 confirmed cases of coronavirus. 5,980 of them fatal.


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