Haters attacked Orbakaite for a selfie with the mask on

The other day Kristina Orbakaite published online selfie in a mask. However, many of her followers and haters lashed out at the singer, accusing her that she simply is advertising a new mask.

Yesterday, 1 July, Christina Aguilera on his page on Instagram posted a selfie in the new mask. The singer wrote that it’s uncomfortable, but you must take care of yourself and of the people surrounding, informs LigaNews.

Not all netizens were delighted with selfie in the mask. There were haters who accused Cristina in making money on advertising a new kind of mask. Someone wrote in a post to the photo that Orbakaite makes a coronavirus money, and ordinary citizens sit at home and “panic free”.

The singer did not expect such a reaction. That’s why she had later spread to the Network the two-minute video. In it she expressed her opinion about wearing the mask.

Kristina admitted that did not expect such a violent reaction due to the self in the mask. Orbakaite said that personally she does not like to wear masks, but it does so only in order to protect against coronavirus. She never set a goal to earn money on the wearing of protective masks.


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