Nature versus people: the photographer filmed from the drone, as the desert devours Dubai and Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates is not just a cool glossy shopping malls and dazzling skyscrapers of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Australian photographer, Eirenis Herek (Irenaeus Herok) spent some time in the desert, taking pictures with a drone. The footage turned out great.

The scenery of the UAE are the most obvious example of the struggle of man and nature. The once barren land was built up with fabulous speed from an unremarkable port, Dubai has become a bustling metropolis in just a couple of decades. But nature has a habit of striking back is reflected in his works, Eirenis Herek. In the aerial photograph we see a surrealistic and apocalyptic world, where the desert is slowly devouring settlements and roads of the Emirates.

He Eirenis Herek specializiruetsya on landscape and portrait photography, with experience in the field of design and fine arts. The photographer draws inspiration from old paintings and cinema. His work consists of traditional and modern aspects, balancing between technical precision and a unique style.

A single tree, Dubai.


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