The United States found a mediator in the “conspiracy” of the Taliban and Russia – mass media

Rahmat Azizi, a drug smuggler became the link, which took an active part in the “conspiracy” Russia and the Taliban, to kill American soldiers.

Journalists of the American edition of the New York Times published the news that Azizi was the liaison between Russia and the grouping of the Taliban (not a terrorist organization – ed.), informs LigaNеws.

Media reported that Azizi was initially associated construction project in the U.S., but later moved to the territory of Russia.

The source, referring to his informants in Afghanistan, said that Azizi transferred money from the Russian military intelligence, the terrorist group associated with the Taliban. Supposedly the Afghan intelligence agencies have conducted a series of searches in the office, but by the time Azizi fled the country and went to Russia.

In March, US President, Donald trump declared that the interests of the United States and the Taliban in Afghanistan fully coincide. Both sides seek to halt a military conflict in the country.

In February 2020 in Doha between the US and Taliban peace agreement was signed. The agreement included the release of 5 thousand supporters of the Taliban and about a thousand people who were held captive by the Taliban.


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