The expert explained why you can not install the update to your smartphone

Эксперт рассказал, почему можно не устанавливать обновление на смартфон

The update on the smartphone sometimes you can not install, any innovations are not always good for the reason that they are often “raw”. However, we must understand that their set-up allows to eliminate defects that prevent the full operation of the device, said the Agency “Prime” news Agency General Director Telecom Daily Denis Pieces.

“In principle, you can sometimes not install the update to your smartphone, but if we take the aggregate of all the application, then, of course, updates are done for our benefit is the elimination of defects, “holes” through which you can obtain the problems from the point of view of viruses and do not work in full mode certain applications,” he added.

The expert also noted that the average smartphone user on their screens holds about a hundred applications and uses on a regular basis basically only 8-9 applications, with a hundred applications in a week you receive at least 25 updates that you want to produce.


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