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Explorer blockchains Blockchair added measure of privacy bitcoin transactions

Explorer blockchains Blockchair added measure of privacy called Privacy-o-meter for bitcoin transactions.

The blockchain of bitcoin (if the wallet is not translated in full), each transaction involves at least two outputs, where one is returned to the sender (“surrender”).

Blockchair evaluates the level of privacy of the transaction on several indicators. For example, in transactions with a low level of privacy one of the addresses of the recipient is also a sender, which simplifies the definition of “delivery”. If the amount of output is a round number, it is likely to be the recipient of the transaction. The system also analyzes several other indicators ― the use of multipoles, the differences in the scripts between the inputs and the outputs and their order.

Although such companies on blockchain analysis as Chainalysis, Elliptic and CipherTrace today are developing very sophisticated tools to deanonimizatsii users of cryptocurrencies, Blockchair hopes that the new feature will help educate users to maintain confidentiality in transactions in bitcoins at least at a basic level.

While Privacy-o-meter is only available for bitcoin blockchain. Blockchair promises in the near future to add this functionality to other cryptocurrencies.

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