In the cave “Tavrida” found the bones of Russia’s first ancient rhinoceros

В пещере «Таврида» нашли кости первого в России древнего носорога

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Scientists of the Crimea, Moscow and Yekaterinburg, which continues to explore the cave Tauris, found the teeth and ribs of a young individual of the ancient rhinoceros of stephanorhinus. This is the first such discovery on the territory of Russia, have informed in a press-service of KFU.

“This is a two-horned rhinoceros, similar to modern African, about 2 m high and 3.5 m in length. In addition to the bones of the rhinoceros, we found horn of a large antelope, possibly this species, of which we informed in the cave is not found. There are bones of oxen, saber-tooth tiger phalanx of Somateria” — listed a leading Methodist of the Zoological Museum of Kazan Federal University Dmitry Startsev.

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Most of these bones found in that part of the cave that housed the lair of the predators. In the passage on the way to the lair paleontologists also managed to find bones of small vertebrates.

“For the paleoenvironment is very important, what animals lived on the territory around the cave, what the environmental conditions were at the time. And rodents will help us to accurately show residual age sediments are the indicators. Now we are talking about the age of 1.5 — 1.8 million years, and the study of bone remains will help to clarify these findings,” said an employee of the laboratory of paleoecology of the Institute of ecology of plants and animals RAS, Dmitry Gimranov.

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