Deadly alms: American died because of his good heart

They say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. It is unlikely that this proverb illustrates exactly wild the case of a 52-year-old resident of Baltimore, Maryland, Jaclyn Smith, but it’s safe to say that a woman killed her kindness.

American back from the visit with her husband and daughter late in the evening by car. On one of the streets of Baltimore Jacqueline saw a girl with the package, which is very reminiscent of infant toddler. In the hand of a young mother was holding a sign on which was written: “Please help me feed my baby.”

Jaclyn Smith

Good American, decided to help needy and asked her husband to stay in the area. Smith, who was sitting in the passenger seat, got out his wallet and rolled down the window to give the girl some money.

At this moment the car approached the young man, whom everybody took for a father of a child who wants to thank you for the help. But the man suddenly attempted to snatch the purse from the hands of Jacqueline through the window of the car.

The place where the tragedy took place

Because the woman was not going to lose his property between her and the attackers began a short struggle, during which the man pulled out a knife and stabbed Smith in the chest. After that, the offender fled, and behind him heels set off and beg the young mother.

The grieving husband of the deceased

Despite the fact that the hospital was very close, and the wounded were taken there after just a few minutes after the attack, doctors were unable to save the woman. Now police are trying to locate the assailant and the girl with the child, which, perhaps, was assistant criminal working “on live bait”.

The news of the tragedy came to Reddit, which caused an active discussion. Users not only expressed their opinions about this wild case and sympathized with the deceased and her family, but also shared stories from his life. Many remembered a situation when communication with the poor had criminal connections, for example, ended with a robbery or a beating.

Baltimore is not the most prosperous in terms of criminal city in the USA

Most participants in the debate have tended to that to give alms on the street is dangerous and often pointless. Received from good-hearted citizens money not spent on food, clothing and medicines, and alcohol or drugs. The perfect way to show kindness and generosity were recognized as donations to charities for the needy who purchase clothes, food and medicines.

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