Fans of horror films are more resistant pandemic coronavirus

If you’re a fan of disaster movies or binge-watched all seasons of “the Walking dead”, we have good news for you: scientists have officially proven that you are perfectly prepared for life in a crisis.

According to a recent study, fans of the movies and TV shows involving zombies, aliens or dangerous infectious disease, respond better to critical situations, such as pandemic coronavirus. According to experts, due to the horror they are less prone to panic, less likely to experience fear of others and more skeptical about fakes, touting a miracle cure for the potentially deadly virus.

“If the film is good, it draws you and you start to imagine yourself in the place of the characters. explains Coltan scrivner from the University of Chicago — So, you unknowingly lose in mind all possible variants of development of events”.

Scrivner together with fellow researchers surveyed 310 people, learn about their preferences in movies. Then subjects were told how well they were prepared for COVID-19, and how to cope with anxiety, depression, irritability or insomnia.

Study participants, from time to time watched movies felt much less depressed than the fans who preferred other genres. Moreover, fans of movies about the end of the world has shown itself as more resistant to stress and tend to plan ahead.

“If you already have a hundred times seen on the screen says scrivner something you are hard to catch by surprise.”


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