Stylish speakers with your hands

For the manufacture of these cases it took me almost 2 months…

Стильные колонки своими руками


For the manufacture of these cases it took me almost 2 months, the simplest perhaps it was the painting ). The main body is colored similar to the Raptor. Side trim strips primed insulator and the polyester primer was then painted with enamel with the addition of a special effect (this special powder is added to the ink and stirred well ) In the end, it turns out this effect is structurally matte. Peredney bar grill painted matte enamel and coated it with matte varnish. To fit the grill lost a lot of time due to the fact that it was difficult to catch the symmetry between the grill and the housing, as much cut and brought already a jigsaw. The grill is held by neodymium magnets, keeps it all to be quite reliable – there are no overtones and vibrations, magnets ordered on aliexpress.

For me it was very interesting and challenging experience in the construction of such an unusual speaker system. Before you start to do, I read many different articles about many different designs, like a maze, transmission acoustics, etc. All of their complexity in their calculation and cost, therefore, so few of them do many manufacturers, but I was curious to try to do it myself))

The challenge I have accepted and did !)

Стильные колонки своими руками

Стильные колонки своими руками

Стильные колонки своими руками

Video of the manufacturing process of the columns:


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