Bow lips, eyebrows Christmas tree: users Instagram is trees adorn the brows

Social networking (particularly Instagram) has embraced a strange new trend. Beauty bloggers and those who want to stand out, began to turn their eyebrows… in a tree. Yes, you heard right, elegant, fluffy tree, decorated with garlands, sparkles, sequins, stars and anything you can think of.

A fantasy these girls can’t take that away, you believe me… or better yet, just take a look at these photos!

One of the first eyebrow in the form of Christmas trees made themselves known canadian blogersha Taylor R. what is More, she even recorded a detailed video tutorial for creating this “miracle”.

Very soon the fashion wave swept over the other girls.–4uiQrw/?utm_source=ig_embed&utm_medium=loading

First, all the repeated design of the Taylor, but eventually began to make some changes. That is to say, added their own flavor.

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#christmastreeeyebrows #christmas

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Someone confined to simple sequins…

…someone made a complete “tuning”.

Anyway, new year eyebrows have quickly become the new trend of social networks.

“Decorate” your eyebrows, you can use any decorative cosmetics — eye shadow, lip gloss, lipstick, mascara, etc.

Special paints for skin and various sequins, of course, will not be superfluous.

The main thing — do not overdo it.

A minimalistic version of the Christmas make-up.

And this is for those who are not lazy three hours to paint only one eyebrow.

It should be noted that eyebrow-the Christmas tree was already popular in 2017. But then about them pretty quickly forgotten.

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christmas tree eyebrows?

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Now the trend is gaining new momentum, and there are suspicions that New year’s eve apart from the eyebrows-of a Christmas tree in your tapes are flashed except congratulations.

Even men participated in this fashion “Orgy”.

Someone was “simple and tasteful”…

…and someone does Trusovo.

The lazy just glued to the eyebrows of Christmas tinsel.

Or painted them green.

Interestingly, integralnye mods come up this year?

To date, most of the original remains. this girl. She put the eyebrows a real garland.

And you have already decorated their eyebrows? Or the old fashioned way will cost the tree?

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