In Russia learned to build homes from food waste

В России научились строить дома из пищевых отходов

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Scientists in Russia have learned to build homes from sustainable materials, which can replace insulation of mineral wool. About it write “news”.

In MSTU named after Bauman explained that the new construction method is based on food and forest industry. Including used biologically neutral adhesive produced by special bacteria, which feed on the whey and molasses.

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As explained by the Director of the company “Hatful” Michael Bayandin, for the new heater will need a special substance. In order to get it, mixed whey and molasses, which is formed in the manufacture of sugar from beets.

“Then, in the resulting composition are added to the microorganisms,” he said, adding that the result is a dextran polymer used as the adhesive base.

It is expected that the new heater will cost the same as high-quality mineral wool. In this case the production of insulation will also be more environmentally friendly than the process of making mineral wool, because it requires much less energy.

At the moment the project is in completion stage. It is expected that, subject to the interest of manufacturers of building materials, eco-friendly insulation can be on the market in 2-3 years.

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At the end of may in the state Duma suggested to forbid to send food waste to landfill instead recycle them and get useful resources. The initiative was intended to force companies to treat unclaimed products packaged as food waste.

Video of the day. Su-27, su-30CM and su-35S has performed “bends”, “oblique loop”, “slides”, “preparevalue”


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