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Survey: 42.5% of Twitter users believe that bitcoin will not be able to reach $55 000

Popular cryptanalyst PlanB best known for his bold predictions about the future prospects of bitcoin.

This week he interviewed Twitter users to find out their opinion on the question, what is the price of BTC will be by December 2021. The survey involved 26 639 people.

Respondents were offered four possible answers. The majority of respondents users of the social network believes that the largest cryptocurrency by December 2021 will not be able to break above $55 000.

Almost 30% of respondents believe that bitcoin will “shoot” up to $100,000. Note that 17.4% of the respondents did not exclude such variant at which BTC will reach $288 000.

Analyst PlanB is the Creator of the model S2F to predict the price of bitcoin. According to this expert, the model allows to generate the trajectory of the cryptocurrency due to the effects of the previous haligov bitcoin (reducing rewards for miners).

Broadcaster Max Keiser supports the concept of S2F.

On Twitter , he wrote:

S2F [model] is a really important analysis of bitcoin prices and excellent understanding of the market.

Programmer Jimmy song also believes S2F good concept to determine the further dynamics of BTC. He recently said that today’s critics of the model does not take into account the fact that S2F is focused on long-term forecasting of the price of the cryptocurrency.


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