Hanging corner shelf

Подвесная угловая полка

Hanging corner shelf under the TV .

From chipboard cut the workpiece according to these dimensions , two shelves top and bottom and two sides .

Lathe machined the two supports with a length of 17 cm and 15 cm vnutrenniy at the edges of diameter 20 mm. hole

Подвесная угловая полка

Bonded furniture screws (confirmat) , struts with screws top and bottom

Подвесная угловая полкаПодвесная угловая полка

The front ends of the closed slats obrabotannye Frazier .

Подвесная угловая полка

Plated Marelli and varnish .

Have prakruti hangers for mounting on the wall .

Подвесная угловая полка

Was such a regiment .

Подвесная угловая полка


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