Tests of the spacecraft “Luna-25” will be completed in summer 2021

Испытания аппарата «Луна-25» завершатся летом 2021 года

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The spacecraft “Luna-25”, which should go into orbit next year, will be manufactured and will complete testing in the summer of 2021. This was reported TASS the press service of the NPO. S. A. Lavochkina.

“Fabrication and test flight of the spacecraft “Luna 25″ is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2021,” — said the press service.

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The press service also explained that early testing of the assembled device is scheduled for the first quarter of 2021. Now research and development project “Luna-glob”, in which you are creating the spacecraft “Luna-25”, is at the stage of ground tests of experimental products, added in the NPO. The Lavochkin.

In October 2021 Roscosmos plans to send to the moon automatic station “Luna-25”, which will be the first domestic unit in modern Russia, on the natural satellite of the Earth. As the main launch date for the selected October 1, the reserve — 30 Oct.

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