In China — a new case of bubonic plague. What does it mean?

The Chinese authorities have stepped up precautions after city in the Autonomous region of Inner Mongolia have confirmed one case of bubonic plague.

According to state reports, infected the cattle of Bandura — is in quarantine, in a stable condition. According to China Global Times, the authorities are also investigating a second suspected case of the disease. Patient — 15-year-old may have contracted after contact with a marmot.

At the moment there is a warning in the third level, prohibiting the hunting and consumption of animals that may be vectors of disease. Rules will be in effect until the end of the year.

Can happen again the bubonic plague?

Although nowadays cases of bubonic plague are very rare, outbreaks still happen in 2017, when the Republic of Madagascar has infected more than 300 people. However, the scientists, the mortality from the disease declined significantly, and full-scale epidemic is unlikely.

“Now is not the fourteenth century. — said Dr. Shanti Kappagoda from Stanford Health Care — We know how disease is transmitted and understand how to deal with it. We have antibiotics to cure infected patients.”


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