Satanovsky assessed the chances of Ukraine to return Crimea, remembering Turkey, Italy and Greece

On 5 July the President of Ukraine congratulated the country on the Day of the Navy of Ukraine and stated that it will not forgive those who in 2014 “took” Crimea. Satanovsky decided to comment on this statement of Vladimir Zelensky.

The famous Russian scientist stressed in Kyiv only does that threaten Moscow with their missiles. In the end it all can go terribly wrong for Ukraine, informs LigaNews with reference to “Moskovsky Komsomolets“.

Satanovskiy sure if it still comes to war, for Ukraine, this means either the loss of statehood, or will revive the project “new Russia”. This country will no longer have access to the sea. And the capital of the new state will be Kryzhopol, which is suitable both by name and in fact.

The analyst recalled that during the existence of the Crimea there lived many nationalities and ethnic groups, including the Neanderthals, Byzantines, Bulgarians, Karaites, etc. Only under Catherine II, the Crimea was annexed to the Russian Empire.

Ukraine has as much chance of coming back to Crimea, like Turkey, Greece and Italy. According to Satanovsky, the US and the West will not help Ukraine to “return” the Crimea.

The political scientist has compared the statements of Ukraine the kindergarten, when the child was transferred to another toy, he played enough and he needs to return it back.


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