Tricks caring for orchids

Хитрости ухода за орхидеей

Orchids are among the most diverse flowers in all the world there are more than 20 thousand types. A tremendous variety! It is not surprising that orchids decorated the house in Ancient China. But, if we talk about care, Orchid — a very capricious plant, which brings the owner a lot of headache.

Today we’ll show you how to properly care for the Orchidto preserve the health of this living decoration. A little TLC and exotic plant regularly will delight the owner of the charming flowers.

Хитрости ухода за орхидеей


Orchid is a tropical flower that need a lot of light. So put a pot plant in a dark corner of the room is a bad idea. Then the leaves darken and the buds will fall off. But if you have a window on the South side, then put the Orchid on the window sill to accept diffused, not direct sunlight — she likes it.

Хитрости ухода за орхидеей

With regard to the temperature regime, then there is every type of Orchid in its own way demanding (acceptable temperature ranges between 18 and 27 degrees). But almost all orchids can not tolerate drafts and hot air from the radiator.

Хитрости ухода за орхидеей

We should also tell about the roots, because the deterioration of the health of the plant can be seen on rotting or drying of the root system. This is largely dependent on proper watering. The fact that the Orchid is not very fond of water. In the warm season the plant is watered once a week in cold times in 14 days. Moreover, water for irrigation should be boiled and slightly warm.

Хитрости ухода за орхидеей

If the Orchid needs moisture, its roots will change color from green to light gray. If the roots look bright green moisture too much. But if the root system is of emerald color — normal watering and Orchid feels great. By the way, the plant to better tolerate drought than too much moisture, so water a bit.

Хитрости ухода за орхидеей

To monitor the condition of the roots, swirling flower, it is grown in a transparent pot. Initially, the root system responds to any deterioration in the health of the plant. Reacting correctly, you can save the roots of the Orchid and the flower. Those growers who care about the aesthetic appearance of the plant, a transparent container with the Orchid can be put into any deep pot, removing eye unattractive roots.

Хитрости ухода за орхидеей

As for the choice of pot you should not repot the Orchid in a ceramic container. After all, it is accompanied in almost all cases, hypothermia, reduced photosynthesis and even death of the flower.

Surround the beautiful Orchid love, feed fertilizers, take care — and then whimsical exotic plants will feel comfortable. So, it will be for many years to delight you with charming and bright colors.

And what kind of flowers to decorate your house?


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