“I’m not here in search of attention”: why the Macron, the new government

«Я здесь не в поисках внимания»: зачем Макрону новое правительствоThe Declaration of the government of France is delayed. On Friday the resignation of Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, in his place was appointed the mayor of Prada, who oversaw the removal of restrictive measures, Jean Castex. Unlike its predecessor, Castex has no political weight, while Philip at the time of the pandemic gained even more popularity than the President.

The President of France Emmanuel Makron change the government, but its announcement delayed. On Sunday at the Elysee Palace announced that on July 6 will be formed the new composition of the Cabinet will comprise 20 Ministers and their deputies.

On July 3 Prime Minister of France, was appointed Jean Castex — the mayor of the small town of Prades, had overseen a gradual easing of restrictions on the background of the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19. The Elysee Palace, in his message pointed out that our Castex job, “came to the rescue at the critical moment of the crisis in the health sector”.

The statement also noted that the new Prime Minister is known for his ability to “work through dialogue in the spirit of cooperation.”

Personnel changes in the government of France is taking place after the defeat of the party of the President “go Republic!” in the local elections.

The best result for the second round, which took place on 28 June, showed the party “Europe — Ecology Green (EELV). Candidates are “green” for the first time were elected mayors of major cities — Strasbourg, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux.

At the same time where green failed to win, they entered into an Alliance with left-wing parties, ensuring the victory of their candidates. So, in Paris for mayor with the active support of EELV, was re-elected the socialist Anne Hidalgo.

Good results showed the far-right “National Union” opponents of the President in the election of marine Le Pen. For the first twenty years of its candidate was elected mayor of a major city of Perpignan, leaving behind the incumbent mayor from the center-right Jean-Marc Pujol’s.

Talking about the resignation of Edouard Philippe in the French press is still underway in may — then journalists and analysts have started talking that the macron is preparing to shift the course of the Board left.

When a politician ran for President, he promised to be “neither left nor right” President or “and the left and right.” But to keep balance, he could not — unpopular reforms to change the labour law, depriving students of privileges, the return of the practice of taxation of pensioners, the abolition of the “solidarity tax as” quickly deprived him of the support of leftist voters.

French media reported that the resignation of Philip intended to start a political reversal of Macron to return the sympathy of the left electorate. The head of state just crossed the middle of his presidency to strengthen his position he should get rid of established for him the reputation of “President of the rich”.

It was expected that instead of a moderately right Philip comes comes from the left camp, but as Prime Minister, was appointed a member of the conservative opposition party “the Republicans”, which consisted of Edward and Philip. But unlike the predecessor, Jean Castex — a figure little known, which probably also served as a plus for his candidacy in the election of the Prime Minister, said in a conversation with “Газетой.Ru” the head of the Center of the French researches of Institute of Europe Yury Rubinsky.

“The President Makron once again confirms that he still is going to continue, as hitherto, to be not just the first number, and full and sole President, — said the expert. But now he must consider the fact that, going to Le Havre Edouard Philippe does not disappear. He really became a very big figure on a national scale and in the long term, who knows, may be a candidate for the presidency”.

The victory of Edouard Philippe in local elections in Le Havre was the only major success of the party Rules “Go Republic!”

Jean Castex and he knows what tasks he has to solve is to minimize the damage of a pandemic and, apparently, does not Eclipse the President.

“I’m not here in search of attention, I’m here in search results. To this day I have not been a national politician,” said Castex in his first interview after the inauguration of the TV channel LCI.

He also said that the main priorities sees not only the recovery of the economy after the pandemic, but also investment in “sectors of the future” — a bet on the environment, made after the resounding success of the “green” in the local elections. Another aim of Castex, he said, is to build a constructive dialogue with trade unions — a nod leftist voters after a wave of protests of the “yellow jackets.”

However, Castex sounded like a traditional conservative policies, saying: “to be able to redistribute wealth, you first need to get it” and people “can’t expect anything from the state.”

Anyway, but, if the French President really expects to change course to win the votes of the left in the elections, he already missed his first chance in selecting the figures the Prime Minister. However, the macron, probably acted also with an eye on new developments in his career — the outbreak of the coronavirus and its implications.

Pandemic really gave him a chance at regaining his popularity — how he will cope with the crisis, now largely depend on the chances of his re-election in 2022.

On Thursday, on the eve of retirement of Philip, macron said that the Prime Minister helped him to carry out “important and historic reforms in the conditions which were often very heavy.” The President also announced that he had established with Philip special, trusting relationship.”

“I have a choice to start a new path,” said macron, adding that new team will be formed.

Later in his Twitter, he announced, what will the government of Jean Castex.

“Together, we will outline the main contours of this new path… economic Recovery, the continuing transformation of our system of social protection and environmental protection, the establishment of a just Republican order and protect European sovereignty — that our priorities for the coming months,” wrote the President.

In all likelihood, we can expect some major changes in the government. Perhaps, the choice of Ministers, the President in a greater degree will operate with an eye on left-wing voters.


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