Crypto News launched a blockchain platform Voice

Social network Voice, based on the technology of the blockchain, was officially launched in the US independence Day, July 4.

CEO of the platform Salah Zalatimo said:

“Voice” will take control of social media from the hands of the tech giants. Users who are looking for platform plays in politics, empowering communities and respecting your data, should join the Voice.

At the moment, only registered beta users from the US can publish content or to participate, earning service platform token as a reward for creating posts. August 15, users will be able to invite their friends. It is worth noting that the Voice app for iOS is not available in Russian App Store.

The beta version of the platform for testing was released in February., the company that developed the Protocol EOSIO, invested $150 million in the development of the network, which was first announced in June 2019. In addition, the company acquired the domain name for the network for $30 million

In the last couple of years is increasing support for decentralized decisions, in which neither the authority will not be able to censor content. The social networking giant Twitter has launched own new project – BlueSky – the development of “decentralized standard social networking”.

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