The penalty for the wrong voice: the U.S. Supreme court change the election

Штраф за неверный голос: Верховный суд США меняет выборыThe U.S. Supreme court permitted the authorities of the American States to punish “rebellious electors”, giving their votes to the winning candidate. The representatives of the electoral College in fact elect the American President, so the move may have an impact on the upcoming elections. This is due to the electoral College Donald trump headed by the United States.

The U.S. Supreme court did not cancel the punishment for the members of an electoral College who failed to vote for chosen by a majority of votes of the candidate in his state. The preservation of punitive measures was supported unanimously by all nine judges.

Now the government States formally to penalize and dismiss the electors who do not want to support winners. Formally, the Constitution of the United States allowed such practices, but in many States, these actions were considered by the authorities of a violation — in fact, the Supreme court upheld their innocence.

In General, the system of U.S. presidential elections is quite confusing. In fact, the Americans, giving their vote for a particular candidate, elect him, and members of the electoral College are actually voting, the results of which a new President was elected.

Cases of failure of the elector to vote for victorious in his state of the candidate was not too much. For example, in the last presidential election there were only 10 out of 535, and that three did not able to make it work. However, one of these cases was the cause of the current proceedings in the Supreme court.

We are talking about the elector from Colorado, who voted against the will of the majority of inhabitants of the state and deprived of the right to vote by local authorities for these actions. The opinions of the lower courts on this issue were divided, and in the end, the final verdict issued by the Supreme court, respectively, to recognize the actions of the state legitimate.

By the way, if to speak about elections of 2016, the trump won due to the electoral College. The results of the voting people in the US, the incumbent President was behind his opponent, former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton by 3 million votes. However, among the electors supported his candidature 304 representative of the Board against 227 for Clinton.

With the electors of the state, where he defeated the candidate of the democratic party, in General, there have been several incidents.

In particular, in Washington state, three people voted in favor of the former Secretary of state Colin Powell, even though he did not participate in the presidential race. Another elector did gave their vote to the representative of the Indian people the Sioux.

The punishment for “rebellious” members of the Board operates in 32 U.S. States, for a wrong vote provides for a fine of up to $1 thousand however, none of the electors were not brought to court for refusing to vote for a candidate-the winner.

The court’s decision makes certain adjustments to the upcoming presidential elections in the United States, which has less than six months. How this circumstance will affect the vote, the issue is quite controversial. From the point of view of observers, Politico, the result can be unpredictable, but most likely this will fix aspect with the bribery of representatives of the Board.

Thus, while the balance of future elections does not add up in favor of trump: according to the June polls Monmouth University, former Vice President of USA Joe Biden ahead of the incumbent head of state at the national level, gaining 53% of the rating to 41% of the American leader.

The drop in the level of support for the President can be explained by the deterioration of the American economy because of the restrictions caused by a coronavirus COVID-19, massive protests by African Americans against racism and police brutality, and the General state of the United States in a pandemic — the country continues to lead in the number of infected and dead.

However, to write off from the accounts of trump’s still not worth it, as he himself said more than once, the polls predicted his defeat four years ago, but in the end he took up the chair of head of the White house.

The interesting aspect is that data from different studies really kind of repeat variation in public opinion between trump and Clinton.

In particular, the survey by ABC News/Washington Post of 23 June 2016, former Secretary of state was gaining 51% support vs. 39% at its rival — the gap was 12%, as in the case with Biden. However, before the elections in the US remains quite a lot of time, and the situation can change in favor of trump and Biden.


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