Growing zucchini on a plot – what you need to know?

Выращивание кабачков на участке – о чем нужно знать?

Problems in the process of growing zucchini among farmers is rare. But this culture has its own requirements regarding planting, watering, fertilizing and, of course, harvest.

Выращивание кабачков на участке – о чем нужно знать?

True gardeners always find them a cozy place in the garden, vegetable plot, or grow a separate elegant flowerbed. After all, zucchini – healthy and delicious vegetables needed for a healthy diet.

Cultivation features

To cultivate squash quite easily if you follow some requirements.

1. The tender leaves can not tolerate wind. Courgettes grow best in bright places and in partial shade, provided protection from the wind.

2. Zucchini-loving and afraid of frost. In the South they are planted in the 1-2 week of may when the threat passes the return short-term frost. In the middle lane and to the North it is safer to grow early varieties of zucchini seedlings in culture.

Выращивание кабачков на участке – о чем нужно знать?

Zucchini thrive at high temperatures and can die from frost

3. They are characterized by their ability to accumulate nitrates. So to make organicheskie fertilizers and nitrogen should be strictly according to instructions. Soil impregnated with organic matter is the best soil for this crop.

4. Zucchini demanding to moisture. They need constantly moist soil. Watering should be carried out without irrigation (because of the possibility of damage to the leaves) and the roots. To retain moisture and do not damage the leaves when watering, the soil prepared, you can cover with pieces of loose cardboard, having in it holes for sowing seeds or planting seedlings.

The cardboard will protect the plant from weeds (there will be no need for weeding), will retain moisture from evaporation on hot days.

Preparation of seeds and seedlings

The day before planting, soak the seeds in a gauze bag in a solution of sodium HUMATE, or in a clean chlorine-free waste water. Sprouted (nakolennye) seeds planted in holes 2-3 pieces to a depth of 3 cm.

In the phase of 2-3 leaves, weak plants remove, leaving the most developed. In connection with rich tying of the crop, plant 2 plants with a break of 7-10 days. The section is 2-6 bushes. With this planting the zucchini will be regular guests at your table until late autumn.

In the mid-latitudes sown seedlings in the 1-2 decade of April, and to the North in the first decade of may. In soil planted 30-35 day seedlings. From frost or cold rains a patch of zucchini are covered with film or spunbond.

Seedlings (3-5 bushes) is better to grow in torfomineralnyh cups, 2 seed in the same container. Cups with seedlings planted in the ground. Under the influence of moisture orthopedagogue cups (like cardboard) are destroyed, and the plants from the first days grow normally and do not suffer from transplanting. Seedlings were grown at 20-22°C, the soil contained in the wet state. Water the seedlings once a week with water at room temperature.

Care and harvesting

Выращивание кабачков на участке – о чем нужно знать?

Two months from the time of sowing to first harvest of zucchini

Plot or a flower bed under the squash cook in the fall. If necessary, make a mold and nitrophoska or diammophos, dig 20-25 see In the garden plants place in a staggered manner, leaving the distance in the row 60 cm and between the rows of 65-70 cm

When well-dressed in the autumn of the soil, fertilizing in summer is not required. Watering is carried out every 10-12 days. If you harvest the bushes can be watered more frequently, but the reduced norms. Most importantly, the soil was constantly moist.

The waiting period for first harvest and 1.5 – 2 months, then the fruits are removed when reaching a size of 20-25 cm

The squash stores well in straw or sawdust.


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