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Telegram stop supporting test network TON by August

The developers cease official support test network Telegram Open Network (TON). The remaining validators will be disabled not later than August 1.

Command Telegram advised to keep the necessary data and stop the testing process. Wishing to continue testing after this date can set up your own testnet node.

In may have been made the last corrections in the source code of the project and integrated some almost ready components Storage TON, TON Fift Payments and CPS. Now the development of open source TON is officially transferred to the community.

The developers said that might be put on GitHub comments, tips or small fixes, but their main efforts will be redirected to other projects after the injunction to spread the tokens Gram anywhere in the world.

Semi-annual legal battle over Telegram and the SEC in favor of the regulator. Funds raised on the development of TON and production of Gram, to be returned to the investors.

In may, the community of developers and validators TON launched its own blockchain platform Free TONна the basis of previously published source code.

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