Zakharov predicted the rebuilding of social networks

Захарова спрогнозировала перестройку соцсетей

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In the field of social networking in the world will be restructured, the social network will change under pressure or impact, said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“We already see capital beginning of perestroika, of moderation, of legitimizing social networking. If, over several years, it was a prelude, today, of course, this environment will experience any pressure or influence, but she will anyway, of course, vary,” — reports RIA “Novosti” the words.

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Zakharov said that today the main threat in the media environment are fakes.

“For many years the main threat was called propaganda, remember, this is all built: the main suppressor of freedom of the media, the impossibility of journalism development, an obstacle to the work of the journalist called it propaganda,” added the spokesman.

In her opinion, “evil propaganda pales in comparison to the threat posed fakes”.

“Because you can resist propaganda, you have the tools, including the laws for this was created the world’s international institutions created for this civil society,” — said the diplomat.

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Zakharov stressed that “propaganda can be resisted, the fakes is impossible”.

Earlier it was reported that the workshop management “Senezh” presidential platform “Russia — country of opportunities” has opened a new online educational program “Right to know: instruments recognition of reliable information”, whose participants will learn to distinguish fakes.

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