Expert on coronavirus, the Americans will wear a protective mask a few years

Eric Toner, senior researcher, Center for security health Johns Hopkins University, spent many years preparing for the flash-like coronavirus.

Center Johns Hopkins University, deals with the modeling of crisis situations, and also offers experts in the field of public health policies and action plan in the context of the pandemic. In October 2019, a Toner and a team of researchers ran a simulation of a pandemic in the fashion industry in new York, using various scenarios, residents, government and small business will hypothetically respond to the threat.

Toner believesthat while there is no vaccine, the best protection in the fight against COVID-19 remain social distancing and the wearing of masks.

Coronavirus vaccine, most likely, will appear only at the beginning of 2021. And that means face masks continue to be a vital protection needed to stop the spread of the virus.

According to Johns Hopkins University, USA has registered about 43 thousand new cases COVID-19 recently. Total mortality exceeded 130 thousand.

“I think to wear masks and to comply with social distancing we will <…> for several years. he said — actually, it’s pretty simple. If you and those with whom you communicate, in masks, the risk of transmission is significantly reduced”.

The toner I am sure that those who refuse to wear a mask in the end recognize its necessity. The only question is how many people get sick and die before they do.


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