Falcons the day of the murder Yeshchenko was poring over Google maps

After the murder Yeshchenko associate Professor Sokolov has spent significant time on the Internet. Using Google maps, he studied the surrounding area of St. Petersburg and the Moika river. Most likely, he was looking for a place where you can quietly get rid of the evidence and the body of postgraduate students.

Yesterday, July 6, the court gave the go-ahead to publicize private correspondence between the historian and graduate student. On the same day it became known that the day of the murder Sokolov studied the Google map of St. Petersburg and Moyka embankment, LigaNews informs citing BBC.

Protection Yeshchenko was insisted that the court announced the correspondence between Sokolov and Eschenko. Thereby they wanted to show, in what position was the historian for several months before the murder.

The court allowed the use of personal correspondence in business and in the course of the meeting. Correspondence is preserved in 2018. Starting in 2019, the graduate student began to write insults at the Professor, being jealous it of all women, including his wife.

The investigation established that on 8 and 9 November 2019 Sokolov studied in the Internet the Google map of St. Petersburg, its environs and the Moika embankment. Preserved and cheques, according to which the historian purchased in the store bags in 220 liters and 45 meters of packing tape.

Law enforcement officers detained Sokolov near the Sink night of the 9th of November 2019.


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