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Many still remember the days when the summer months were, without reservations, at times of rest and relaxation. On warm Sunny days it was possible to completely forget about studying and to devote himself to important and necessary matters, such as fishing, playing cards on the beach or video games.

Now the holiday has become at least 2 times shorter, and the holiday this period of time can be called a stretch. First, not everyone is lucky with summer vacation – sometimes you have to gain strength and energy for the year ahead in November or February. Secondly, life has an impact and some people have a large part of free from work days spent on family issues that has shelved the entire year. Many don’t want to hear about anything other than beer and TV, understanding the word “rest” literally. But there is among us a category of people who are itching to do even in the summer the sea and try to use for study and self-improvement every time. For them we have made a selection of websites, allowing “to take up the head” and bring a favorite use immediately without violating the selling program-minimum.

The brain

Scientists tired to convince us that we are not hopeless such important skills as memory, attention and thinking can be pumped with a specially designed cognitive training. Unfortunately, most of the exercises aimed at the development of the brain, monotony and stupidity can plunge into the strong refreshing sleep even boring.

The way out of the stalemate found the developers of a unique service “Vitium”, is rapidly gaining popularity among users of the Network. By combining a scientific approach and game mechanics, they are given the opportunity effectively and to develop the brain, killing is no more than 15 minutes a day. During this time, performed a small warm-up 5 exercises that will definitely have your wits about you.

What you get using the service “Vitium”? First and foremost, mini-games will teach you to quickly switch between diverse tasks. Also exercise get rid of forgetfulness and habit of dissipating attention to the different minor aspects. The bonus the user gets the increased speed of information processing, that is, in simple words, begins to think faster.

Find out what

Users of premium accounts “Vecima” can fully feel the positive effects of service – they are available 50 original trainers for the brain. Free can also use only 9 sections. The project is continually evolving, offering its fans a new opportunity. Not so long ago, “Vitium” pleased brand-new courses “the trainer” and “Emotional intelligence”. Exercises to increase speed and quality of assimilation of printed information, will make your reading more efficiently and faster, which will significantly reduce the time of training to key events and more efficient to carry out demanding attention work.

View details

The course “Emotional intelligence” also teaches you to read, but not texts but the people around you. The Creator of the training – Oleg Kalinichev, head of the Russian representation of Paul Ekman, specializing in the study of nonverbal behavior. On the pages of Forbs that person was referred to as “human lie detector” and he certainly knows how to manage their emotions, to bring to light the liars directly in the dialogue process and to get people to take the desired decision.

How much is it?

Do not invent reasons to start learning English now!

In our days knowledge at least one foreign language is almost a prerequisite for building a successful career. Therefore, many regret not taking the time to training when it was time and opportunity. Service Puzzle English uses a special approach to the study of language. All the exercises in it are decorated with interesting informative content that does not evoke any Association with the school by rote.

For many English learners, the most serious problem is the speech recognition. Because of these difficulties becomes much more complicated communication with native speakers and lost interest in watching movies in the original voice. Puzzle English uses videos, excerpts from movies and TV shows and other videos to help the user get comfortable in the language environment. All videos are available for viewing with subtitles in Russian and English, and in addition, the service offers videopussy in which you need to choose the right words from the options and play the given phrase.

To try

Exercises aimed at the development of spoken language require a solid vocabulary. You can recharge it by several methods Puzzle English, which have been effective in practice. The user has the ability to set daily goals for the number of words learned, checking the result using the test exercises. There is a Puzzle in English and lessons on English grammar, designed in the format of videos.

To perform a couple of exercises

The service offers also a paid option method training Techera. In this case, the self-study combined with lessons conducted by a real teacher. There are 7 programs of different difficulty levels and these exams after completing the full course.

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