Effective tips on how to grow cucumbers delicious and healthy

Эффективные советы, как вырастить огурцы вкусными и здоровыми

Эффективные советы, как вырастить огурцы вкусными и здоровыми

Any cottager wants to grow a large and successful crop of cucumbers, but no additional fertilizing is not always possible. And not everyone is ready to use chemical fertilizers to improve crop quality. The output, of course, because there are many natural fertilizers for cucumbers.

We have gathered for you the basic and most effective recipe feeding cucumbersthat will help you get a delicious fruit rich in vitamins and all necessary minerals.

Yeast feeding

This fertilizer of yeast will help to fill the plant with essential nutrients, and increase resistance to disease.

To prepare a fertilizer, dissolve 500 g bread or rye bread in 10 l of water, add the living (compressed) yeast and 500g of green grass. Leave the mixture for 2 days, so she insisted. Then use the solution for basal irrigation.

Эффективные советы, как вырастить огурцы вкусными и здоровыми

Ash fertilizing

Top dressing of wood ash will help to saturate the soil with beneficial trace elements. In addition, the taste of cucumbers will be better and yield more. Ash fertilizer is best used during the formation of the lashes and ovaries.

There are two ways of applying top dressing. You can soak seeds for 6 hours in a solution to prevent plant diseases. To prepare the mixture, dissolve 3 tablespoons of ash in 1 liter of water, leave to infuse for a week.

The same solution can be used after the beginning of flowering plants for basal irrigation.
And to stimulate the growth of cucumbers, add 2 tbsp of ash in each hole when planting seeds.

Эффективные советы, как вырастить огурцы вкусными и здоровыми

Onion dressing

The fertilizer from onion skins — a well-known way to saturate the plants with vitamins and trace elements, improve the immunity of plants and productivity in General.

To prepare onion broth pour 2 handfuls of husk in 10 liters of water, bring to the boil and leave to infuse for a day. Then dilute the broth in the ratio of 2 l water in a bucket and use for watering the root.

Эффективные советы, как вырастить огурцы вкусными и здоровыми

Such options fertilizing cucumbers will suit every vacationer. Try each, choose your own or combine different methods.
Be sure to share in the comments your ways to grow a rich harvest!


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