In the wounds revealed the paradox of the coronavirus that causes the disease clean hands

The vaccine COVID-19 may lead to the development of disease, not protect from it. About this unexpected outcome of the creation of modern antiviral drugs warned on Tuesday, the chief virologist USA, Deputy Director for science, division of vaccines the main Agency, the US Food and Drug Administration (main Agency of the USA on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines), Konstantin Chumakov. He first participated in the online session of the Council for life Sciences of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

В РАН выявили парадокс коронавируса: болезнь чистых рук


– The number of new cases COVID-19 is increasing, but mortality has no time for them. Either the virus becomes less evil, or we have learned to treat this disease, summed up at the beginning of his speech, the son of a famous Soviet scientist Mikhail Petrovich Chumakov, founder and first Director of the Institute of poliomyelitis and viral encephalitis Russian Academy of Sciences.

He noted that the situation in the US with the coronavirus now resembles the coming of the second wave, however, as we have in Russia, this is just the first wave, heading for the United States.

The arrival of the second flash COVID-19 Chumakov, in principle, does not preclude, although the notes in those States where the epidemic began to spread, most likely, there is already herd immunity.

– There is one aspect: the majority of those who are not experiencing symptoms, and who have no antibodies, you still become immune to the coronavirus, – says Konstantin Chumakov. – This suggests that these people could not occur the antibody and T-cell response to the disease.

About vaccines

So what is the vaccine necessary to mankind from the coronavirus? According to the overseas virologist, it must be safe, effective, to develop long-term immunity, as well as to be convenient for storage, use and have a very high cost.

Listing all possible types of vaccines: consist of whole, subunit, vector, DNA vaccine, live vaccine, Chumakov highlighted latest:

– Creating them is not easy, but ideally they can be the vaccines of next generation.

According to the latest data, around the world in various stages of creation is now 132 vaccine. 17 of them are under clinical trials (9 in the first phase, 6 in the second phase, 2 in the third).

– A few days ago we received information from China that one vaccine is already licensed them to military personnel – said the scientist. Is the adenoviral vector vaccine.

By the way, a similar type of vaccine being tested now in Russia, at the Institute. Gamalei, as reported earlier, the Russian colleagues Chumakova, but he is among the leading Russian drug is not named.

But noted that the haste in the production of vaccines is fraught with serious consequences:

– Trump has now announced a paramilitary operation to reduce the time of vaccine development in connection with the danger of further spread of the virus. But we still don’t know the mechanisms of protection against him. We know, for example, that neutralizing antibodies are short-lived, there are not all that more significant role of cellular immunity…

There are, according to Chumakov, a danger that antibodies and vaccination may not only help and strengthen the disease. This occurs when ASWI – antibody-dependent enhancement of the infection, when specific antibodies (IgG) form of the imperfect, fragile complexes with the virus, without hindering and helping him to infect the leukocytes of the host.

– It is important, therefore, summed up Chumakov, to the future of the vaccine has caused not only the appearance of antibodies, but the prevalence of neutralizing antibodies that is that they are not only communicated, but also kill the virus.

Alternatives to vaccines

Now almost all of the developed vaccine “aim” in the surface protein of the virus Is to block it, to prevent communication with receptor cells. But putting all your eggs in one basket is risky. Therefore, Chumakov urged to pay attention to other ways of protection.

One of those ways, in his opinion, could be the strengthening of our innate immunity, the so-called live vaccines:

– I can boast that my mother, Maria Voroshilov, working in the Institute of poliomyelitis showed that the use of live poliomyelitis vaccine against influenza during seasonal outbreaks gave a reduction in incidence of more than three (!) times. This is a simple and cheap way of protection against different viruses, and it is sinful not to use it. Last month we published with my colleague, opened in 1983, the HIV virus, Roberto Gallo’s article on the use of nonspecific protection of the body caused by live vaccines to protect against COVID -19.


An interesting question raised at the end of the meeting, the member-correspondent of RAS, Director of Institute of medical Parasitology, tropical and vector-borne diseases to them. E. I. Martynovskogo Alexander Lukashev:

– The current COVID-19 has been nicknamed the disease of clean hands. It is noticed that the lower the level of sanitation, the higher the immune protection of its citizens from all sorts of bacterial and viral infections.

– This is consistent with what I think, – has supported the colleague overseas guest. – There is a clear correlation between the level of development of the country and the number of cases COVID-19. And this dependence is not in favor of developed countries.

It’s about the fact that the residents of the countries where try to actively avoid different kinds of infections, sometimes depriving themselves of natural immunization.

– It is impossible not to take into account the fact that different viruses interact with each other and this process, this virusfree very little studied – said Chumakov. – There is, for example, the theory that we get sick less flu in the summer due to the fact that it during the warm months in lieu of enteroviruses. Interestingly, in this vein, what will happen to the coronavirus in the winter — time domination of the flu? Won’t it interfere with the coronavirus?


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