Pashayev about the final charges of Ephraim: “Gathered enough evidence of his innocence”

On the eve of investigation issued the final indictment, Michael Ephraim. Sufficient evidence that the actor was behind the wheel in a condition of alcoholic and narcotic intoxication. Have Pashayeva on this account their opinion.

According to the lawyer of Ephraim, he is accused that he has violated the traffic rules that entailed the death of a person, informs LigaNews with reference to the “Movie theater.Ru“.

The investigation alleges that at the time of the deadly crash Efremov was in the car. Moreover, the testimony of witnesses and surveillance cameras prove that the actor got behind the wheel in an alcohol intoxication. Do not agree with the result of the Pasha.

The lawyer said that his main task is to gather evidence of the innocence of the defendant, which he did.

The Pasha has not confirmed media reports that its case will be built around faulty machines of Ephraim, especially, the investigation already proved that the car was in good condition.


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