China announced about the threat of nuclear war

Americans develop low-yield nuclear weapons increases the risk of a nuclear war. About it reports “RIA Novosti”.

As stated at the briefing Director of the Department of arms control Ministry of foreign Affairs of China Fu Tsun, the emergence of low-power charges lowers the threshold for their use. In addition, with their help, Washington will increase its nuclear Arsenal.

“In this regard, we must reaffirm our conviction that it is impossible to win a nuclear war, and such wars should never be untied,” said Cong.

The representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry criticized the U.S. for failing to engage in constructive talks on arms control and urged the us side to explain.

Recall that in February 2018, the United States adopted a new nuclear doctrine that reserves the right of a preventive nuclear strike. In addition, Washington has completed the modernization of nuclear forces and began to develop a new low-power rockets.

On 4 February, the Pentagon announced that U.S. Navy has deployed on submarines, Trident missiles with low-yield nuclear warheads W76-2 for “containment” of Russia


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