Eternal match

Вечная спичка

There was an attempt to publish an article about the product, code-named “Eternal match”, but did not continue. But I saved and use it often for fumigation “tubes for the ears”. I think that at this point, it has become even more valuable.

In two of the telescopic tube of the umbrella is inserted the wick. The wick is made on the basis of cotton wool impregnated with paraffin. In contrast, from the fabric of the wick when extinguishing smoldering he is not and does not give sparks. For ignition of the wick used butane lighter (or matches), which is attached together with a wick at the sliding design of zinc tape.

The length of the wick in the tube allows a long time to kindle a fire, and telescope tubes to achieve a comfortable position when you fire the ignition without damaging the lighter. In addition, it is removed from the wick to the side after ignition of the fire on the wick.

Thus, it is possible to say that the product performs the role of mobile “burner”, with additional moisture proof supply of “solid” combustible material. The diameter of the lower tube also allows you to keep “lethal weapons” to ignite the wick (the idea).

Classes homemade products suggested to Supplement the technological capabilities of the product, taking one spare part – tip from the gas soldering iron. The tip of the soldering iron is seated on a hard wire. For heating it can be installed on any level of the flame on the lighter or wick. Mainly use it for a quick “burning” holes in the plastic.


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