How to make wooden chair with armrests

Как сделать деревянный стул с подлокотниками

In this review, the author will show you how to make wooden chair with armrests. You can attach it to the cottage or to put in the yard of a private home.

We start traditionally with the creation of the drawing and dimensioning. And then sawn off to size of workpiece (in this case Board).

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The first thing you will need to make the side of the chair. The lower part will act as the legs, upper arms.

Как сделать деревянный стул с подлокотниками

Further, from the prepared boards produce the frame of chair. And fasten it to the side (as the fasteners used screws).

Как сделать деревянный стул с подлокотниками

Then the frame is sheathed with boards — do the seat and backrest of the chair. In the end there will be only all sanded and painted (or you can use nail Polish instead of paint).

Как сделать деревянный стул с подлокотниками

To make this chair possible for everyone: no special skills are needed, and the tool can only be used manually (if not in the presence of power tools).

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Detailed process of manufacturing wooden chair with armrests you can see in the video below. The idea belongs to the author’s YouTube channel Nathan Builds.


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