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South Korea will create a free trade zone, managed bloccano

корейский порт

The South Korean government gave permission for the establishment of free trade zone industrial hemp, which will be fully monitored through blockade.

Governor Lee Chul-Woo said that through the implementation of advanced technologies in the province Kinbuck will be formed a specialized industrial model of interaction, which will affect agriculture, biopropylene and pharmaceuticals.

According to him, the system will be based on the ring blockchain platform that will provide solutions for production control, classification of products in terms of quality, origin and final destination. The launch will take place only after the creation of the necessary infrastructure.

Officials decided to use a new format of control because of strict laws against narcotic raw materials. Until the recent easing of legal base, in South Korea, the hemp industry could produce only textiles and seeds. Now the authorities want to create a securities market of biomaterials and medical marijuana.

The government intends to integrate the blockchain in any other sector, because he believes that now the “Golden time” for the development of this technology.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: SCMP


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