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The amount of bitcoin of hontarov continues to grow

Despite the weak volatility that prevails in the cryptocurrency market, a growing number of so-called bitcoin-hontarov.

Recall cholerae call those investors who abstain from selling their coins during the fall of their value.

Hodler is a whole ideology based on the belief in the great future of BTC. Recently Peter Schiff on Twitter criticized such investors, calling their idea stupid.

The number of fans of bitcoin continues to grow, and it seems this process cannot be stopped.

In his blog, the head of the marketing Department IntoTheBlock Daniel Ferraro stated that the amount of bitcoin of hontarov has been steadily increasing over the past 12 months. Cholerae the expert believes the owners of those wallets that hold coins for more than one year.

Even the infamous “Black Thursday”, March 12, couldn’t get these investors to sell the cryptocurrency.

Ferraro said:

Number [bitcoin-hontarov] has reached 20 million, which is about two-thirds of all bitcoin addresses. Approximately 60% of supply of bitcoin is held in such locations with an average retention time [coins] to 4.7 years.

Hodler configured for long-term storage of BTC. They believe that the real value of crypto currencies is significantly higher than the one we see now.

At the end of last year, analysts Delphi Digital drew attention to the fact that more than 220,000 bitcoins purchased back in November 2017, will not move. Holders of the coins did not sell them even in the period when bitcoin reached $20 000.


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