10 rules of styling food — beautiful serving dishes

We used to think that serving dishes — high academic science, in which rules and traditions mean very much. Break them in the process of absorption is perfectly arranged food means to commit a crime against taste, to go against the principles of Haute cuisine.

But imagine for a moment that you can forget about the rules and serve food so that it will not cause confusion from the ideal, and incredible and nepoborimoe desire to eat it. We decided to gather the rules of the beautiful serving dishes that will help make them as beautiful as can ever be attractive food.

1. Reduce portions

Any chef will tell you that the beauty of the dish lies in its simplicity. And it is impossible to achieve using huge portions. Of course, a plate weighing a few pounds will cause no less hype, but in the pursuit of aesthetics is to cut portions to minimum. If necessary, it is better to give an extra dose.

2. Create contrast

That’s how our brain that bright, contrasting colors, he reacts stronger than monotonous shades or faded paint. Than contrast the dish — the stronger our emotional interest and, as a consequence, the appetite. To create contrast you can use unusual utensils, tablecloths, herbs and other products that, in your opinion, can become part of flavor and color palettes for the perfect dish.

3. More of a mess

The perfect order in the styling of food is appropriate only in advertising, but for serving you can add in dish a bit of a delicious mess that will only strengthen the sense of naturalness of the ingredients. Let the salad be chopped too coarsely, and eggs oozing yolk — all you.

4. More simplicity

The simpler and more minimalist plate and devices, the more beautiful it looks on them food. This rule really works, so we should not strive for complications.

5. Show the best side

Understand what the brightest part of meals can become a major visual note covers, and slide it into the main plan. Don’t bury the dish with sauce, lettuce, and other support elements.

6. Show the process

The cooking process is no less appetizing than the finished dish. So leave the small touches in order to perform them in the mind of consumers. For example, pour the sauce over the dish right under the nose of impatient guest. This will be a very strong stimulus for the appetite and just looks nice.

7. Put appliances on a plate

Generally, such a move is contrary to the laws of serving, but if you have a big plate and a small portion of the devices on the plate can add a visual frame for the dish and provide an additional decorative element.

8. Use swipe

Properly chosen and folded napkins can be a great contrast to the dish, giving it the necessary visual appeal.

9. Banks and boards

Serve the sandwiches directly on the cutting Board, and drinks cans of jam — such experiments will have a beneficial impact on the perception of food and makes the meal a real feast.

10. More natural

Squeezed lemon, hand torn greens, bread, broken into rough pieces, — all this appeals to something potaennogo, by the time when you do not have to follow the laws of table etiquette and you have anything like look.

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