Scientists warn that the coronavirus can lead to brain damage

Scientists warn about another danger lurking coronavirus patients: brain injury. This is evidenced by the results of a new study according to which COVID-19 can lead to a number of neurological complications, including inflammation of the brain, psychosis and delirium.

Experts from University College London (UCL) describe the cases of 43 patients with COVID-19, which suffered from a temporary brain dysfunction, stroke, nerve damage and other disorders of neurological functions.

“My concern is that now we know about millions of patients COVID-19. — says Adrian Owen, a neuroscientist at Western University in Canada — Imagine that in a year, has recovered 10 million people, and they all suffer from cognitive dysfunction… It certainly will affect their daily lives and ability to perform job duties.”

“Given what we know about the disease only a few months, we are unable to say with certainty how COVID-19 affects the body in the long run. — adds the leader of the research group Ross Patterson — the Doctors need to know about the possible neurological implications: early detection can play a key role in the treatment.”

Owen now heads the international research project on covidbrainstudy.comwhere patients are offered to register, to pass a series of cognitive tests to see whether you have changed the function of their brain after an illness.

“The coronavirus affects a huge number of people. — emphasizes the scientist — That’s why it’s so important to gather all possible information now.”


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