How to connect the phone Jack to the telephone line

Installing additional phone Jack, you will get rid of heaps of extra cords and simplify the process of connecting the phone, if you suddenly decide to replace it. This material describes how to connect the telephone outlet with your hands having a minimal set of tools.

In the process of connecting will have to use:

  • phone Jack;
  • device, allowing to remove the insulation;
  • screwdriver;
  • tester (multimeter).

The process of connecting the telephone socket

For a start, should take care of protective gloves. In a state of “rest” voltage, which has a telephone network is approximately 60 V. of Course this is not fatal, but pleasant sensations is also to be expected. When you call the voltage increases to 100 — 120V and this is serious!

Как подключить телефонную розетку к телефонной линии

Next, a special tool or pliers should remove the insulation layer from telephone cable. Try not to damage the wires, because even in the place where there is a scratch in the future may be open.

Now open the socket. Here it is necessary to connect the telephone line to the wires of red and green is available.

Как подключить телефонную розетку к телефонной линии

However, not without exceptions, for example, a connection is made to the third and fourth contact (in sockets RJ-11), and sometimes even to the second and fifth. But it is very rare.

The red lead is the minus and green plus. It should be noted that in the General case, the value of the polarity is not essential, however, there are phones that only work if all is connected correctly.

The polarity detection in a telephony network is carried out by the tester (if the wires are connected incorrectly, the voltage on the tester is negative).

If the tester is not available, this check can be done by sticking the wires in an ordinary potato, the wire with the “black” will color the potatoes. But in real conditions, before plugging the telephone Jack and polarity check be made extremely rare.

Most often, the phone Jack comes with 2-sided tape. Using this material, it should fix the phone Jack and then fix with screws.

Как подключить телефонную розетку к телефонной линии

Now you only have to snap in the socket and try it work.

Installing a hidden telephone socket

To install you have to use:

  • a hidden power outlet;
  • hammer, and a crown to him;
  • fasteners;
  • device, allowing to remove the insulation;
  • screwdriver;
  • tester (multimeter).

Как подключить телефонную розетку к телефонной линии

When you connect the phone Jack is hidden, in the manner with which it is connected, nothing changes. Before connecting, you need to perform supply of telephone wires to where the outlet will be located with the help stroebe, baseboards or cable channel and do the following:

  • The first thing you need to perform the selection of the nozzle under the punch so that its diameter coincides with the diameter of the box, and to do the required wall recess.
  • After this, you should install the box in the hole and secure it with dowels and screws.
  • Now perform cutting of the telephone cable, so that it had a stock length, put in a box, where the socket housing (approximately 10 cm).
  • Next, perform the cable connection, in the same way as in the third paragraph of the previous management.
  • After that, you need to put the assembled case and a small supply of cord into the cavity of the box and properly secure with fixing screws.
  • Now, it is left for the installation of the outer frame and lining.
  • Check the outlet.

Well, that’s it! Now you know how to connect the phone Jack with your hands, and this work will not lead you into confusion.


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