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Analyst PlanB named four reasons why he bought bitcoins

According to the analyst PlanB, fixed supply of bitcoins and the interest thereon, which cannot become negative – this is the main advantages of exchange Fiat money for bitcoins.

In a series of his tweets from July 7, Creator pricing model S2F bitcoin explained, what caused him to purchase bitcoins.

“Most people are asleep”

PlanB was known as a supporter of bitcoin. Its pricing model S2F already undergone several incarnations, and now it shows that the price of bitcoin will rise to $288 000 in 2024.

Still model S2F tracking bitcoin with a high accuracy. However, before PlanB created it, he analyzed the many macro-factors and considered total yield of the Fiat.

He tweeted:

“Why I bought bitcoins in 2015-2016 (create a model):

– 46 million millionaires in the world and only 21 million bitcoins;

– you can’t use gold or dollars in space / on Mars, you need something else;

– nobody can freeze your account or block the transaction;

– 0%-I bet is better than negative interest rates”.

In reasoning PlanB is nothing new. The constancy of the proposals of bitcoin, its nonphysical character, decentralized nature and properties of “hard money” make the coin an excellent choice for both large and small investors.

2015 negative interest rates in traditional banks have become the norm, while bitcoin offers a safe refuge for savings.

PlanB also says that the majority of consumers still do not realize the potential of bitcoin as a form of money.

“Funny, isn’t it? In the Netherlands people keep in their Bank savings accounts of about $400 billion, earning 0% per annum”, – he wrote in another post.

“This $400 billion could be stored in bitcoins or earn them at least 6% ($24 billion). Most people in the Netherlands sleep… bye.”

Saifudin Ammos in his popular book “Standard of bitcoin” said it “a form of a digital deficit” which has no precedent in the history of bitcoin and allows to occupy a niche that hasn’t yet managed to get any other currency.


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