Scientists have found a way to reduce the mortality rate from coronavirus after a ventilator

How to help a sick COVID-19 leave the clinic with his feet after acute respiratory distress syndrome and mechanical ventilation? A method of rehabilitation therapy for the first time based on the use of stem cells, developed by the Russian scientists from MIPT and their colleagues from Sweden. Article about it was published in one of the oldest international medical journals American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

Ученые нашли способ снизить смертность от коронавируса после ИВЛ

Only 20 percent of patients davidnyc clinics that have passed through the artificial lung ventilation (ALV), survive and recover from coronavirus.

Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) that develops them in the background of the disease, leads to destruction of the lungs. If they survive, become disabled.

When ARDS occurs uncontrolled inflammation of the lungs caused by giperreakcia immune system, otherwise, the process is called a cytokine storm. To date, the mortality from severe forms of ARDS is about 40%. Moreover, survivors of ARDS often have long-term pulmonary, neuro-muscular and cognitive (related to the reduction of mental health) symptoms. It affects the quality of their lives. Still rehabilitation therapy, without serious consequences “to remove” patients with IVL, anywhere in the world. Treatment is mainly aimed at maintaining patients.

An international group of researchers from Russia and Sweden showed that the use of stem cells can prevent long-term consequences in patients with severe inflammatory diseases of the pulmonary system.

The idea to conduct a serious study of the effectiveness of stem cells came to scientists after successful healing of the two patients with multiple organ failure who were on the unit extracorporeal membrane oxygenation of the lungs (it is a machine which is used in heavy patients after ALV). After the injection of mesenchymal (immature, without certain differences) of stem cells has been a sharp improvement and then full recovery. A medical examination five years later revealed virtually no negative effects of the disease and, according to some parameters showed excess rates of health. After a year after treatment, both patients were able to return to full work. At the time of the study, the indicators of health were within normal limits, and on some parameters and above the norm.

As explained “MK” one of the participants of the work head of the laboratory of genomic engineering MIPT Pavel Volchkov, for the introduction of complex patients with coronavirus, is connected to the ventilator, the use of stem cells donors, isolated from bone marrow. They are administered through a vein in the patient’s body in large quantities, after which they begin to suppress the cytokine storm from the inside. “Metaphorically speaking, they die instead of those cells that could die in the human lung. It is noticed that the introduction of stem cells prevents the proliferation of defeat,” says Volchkov.

Now scientists are trying to understand the mechanism of their action in the body, and then you can talk about the implementation of the method in clinical practice. While in Sweden, gave permission for a clinical trial, which began in the Academic hospital in Uppsala.


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