Scientists artificially reproduced the supernova explosion

Учёные искусственно воспроизвели взрыв сверхновой

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Astrophysicists from Ecole Polytechnique of Paris in cooperation with British colleagues from the University of Oxford is artificially recreated in the laboratory, the explosion of a supernova.

Through this experiment they found out that supernova remnants are axisymmetric or barrel of energy. These data refute the assumption that they always have a spherical shape after the explosion. However, to fully explain their observations, the scientists could not, writes RIA Novosti.

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In order to recreate the explosion, the researchers used powerful pulsed lasers from the laboratory of intense lasers (LULI) Ecole Polytechnique of Paris. They plan to continue their observations of supernova remnants to determine the strength and direction of magnetic fields in the Universe. wrote earlier that Samara scientists have been able to increase the efficiency of industrial lasers. For this, they created diamond optical elements focusing radiation of technological CO2 lasers.

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