10 valuable tips from a man who brilliantly knew 16 languages

Kato Lomb is a professional translator from Hungary, who owned many languages. Most of them she learned on their own, working exclusively with textbooks and fiction. Your method she outlined in the book “How I learn languages”.

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1. Mind your language daily. If it does not have time, at least 10 minutes. Especially good to do in the morning.

2. Never cram, memorize anything, not separately, in isolation from the context.

3. You write out of turn and memorize all the ready phrases that you can use in the maximum possible number of cases.

4. Try to mentally translate everything that is possible: flashing advertising panel, the inscription on the poster, snatches of overheard conversations. It is always rest, even for a tired head.

5. If the desire to do too quickly waning, don’t force it, but don’t leave school. Make some other form: put that book down and listen to the radio, leave the exercises of the textbook and look through the dictionary, etc.

6. To learn stands firmly only that fixed by the teacher. Not re-read their own uncorrected exercises: repeated reading of text is stored inadvertently with all faults. If you are doing one, then vyuziva only obviously correct.

7. Ready-made phrases, idiomatic expression and remember write in the 1st person singular. For example: “I am only pulling your leg” (“I’m only teasing you”).

8. A foreign language is a fortress that needs to attack from all sides at once: reading Newspapers, listening radio, watching a laminated film, a lecture in a foreign language, study a textbook, correspondence, meetings, and conversations with friends — native speakers.

9. Don’t be afraid to say, do not be afraid of possible mistakes, and ask to have them corrected. And the main thing — do not worry and do not be offended if you really start to improve.

10. Be firmly convinced that whatever was going to reach the goal and you have an indomitable will and extraordinary ability for languages.

Kato Lomb offered a simple formula that determines the result in language acquisition:
elapsed time + interest = result
or, if it is to clarify a little bit:
(the elapsed time + interest) / shyness (fear of making a mistake) = result.

And finally: when 86-year-old Kato Lomb met her 54-year-old friend, she pronounced a pivotal to his life sentence: “Steve, you’re so young! So many years ahead, so many languages, you can still learn!”

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