Sobchak posted footage of his arrest: “I’m broke?”

Ksenia Sobchak asked to explain the police officer what she was detained. The corresponding video was posted on her page on the social network, and the video did her friend Masha Baronova.

Yesterday, July 7, law enforcement officers arrested Safronova, suspecting him of treason. The same day police arrested the journalist Ksenia Sobchak, LigaNews informs with reference to the Telegram to channel the “blood lady”.

The video was posted on the page Sobchak in the Network, and the video did her friend Masha Baronova. According to Ksenia, she insisted on the fact that doing his job, but it when it was detained. Sobchak no doubt that it is simply detained for t-shirts, on which was depicted a portrait Safronov.

The video, posted online, Sobchak communicating with a representative of law enforcement. The journalist said that he had come to shoot a story for their program “the news Gently!” and she can’t understand why she is bothering to do.

COP just told him not to shoot, however, Baronova didn’t press the “Stop” button. Later, Sobchak has been released. It should be noted that on 7 July near the courthouse rally in support Safronov. Some activists were detained.


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