Scientists have been able to save from extinction the giant tortoises

Ученым удалось спасти от вымирания гигантских черепах

After a 55-year-old program of reproduction in captivity 15 giant Galapagos tortoises returned to their habitat, according to Lonelyplanet.

The Galapagos national Park was created 60 years ago. View giant tortoises of Hispaniola was on the verge of extinction on the island was only 15 individuals. Then I created a program for the reproduction of these animals in captivity.

It was planned that the turtles will go back to the island in March, but the pandemic has delayed the return. In terms of quarantine, they introduced the microchip, and then released into the wild in the province of Las Tunas in Cuba. It was found that the area most conducive to their survival.

The group has 12 females, each of which weighs about 80 pounds, and three males, whose weight is 120 pounds.

“We managed to save species that otherwise would become extinct. This highly successful project,” — said in a press release the Minister of the environment and water resources of Ecuador Paulo Proaño.


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