Huntsman’s belt for protection of trees: when to apply and remove, how to do it yourself

Ловчий пояс для защиты деревьев: когда накладывать и снимать, как сделать самому

Experienced gardeners seeking to reduce the number of “chemistry” in your garden to a minimum, enjoy hunting zones. These cunning traps to avoid in tree crown insect pests and significantly reduce their numbers on the site.

Ловчий пояс для защиты деревьев: когда накладывать и снимать, как сделать самому

Despite the apparent simplicity in use and manufacture hunting zones with their hands, there are many subtleties. Of course, they add work in the garden, but allow you to achieve a healthy crop, not damaged by insects, without the use of insecticides.

How to make a huntsman’s belt

Ловчий пояс для защиты деревьев: когда накладывать и снимать, как сделать самому

The main task of the Falconer’s belt to prevent the promotion of flightless insects on the trunk of the tree up (in the crown) or down (into the soil). This can be done in several ways: just don’t let the pests to crawl, to catch them or to destroy immediately.

For the first purpose, suitable all funnel trapping zone, which tightly clings to the bark and leave no way forward. For the second good sticky belt or belt-funnel poured into them oil or decoction of the plants. The third contribute to the toxic zone, dolgoletie treated with special insecticides.

If you live on the site permanently and can daily inspect the belt, you’ll do the first option. If you are in the garden occasionally, prefer the second or third way – they are most effective and do not require constant control.

Quick and easy to make huntsman the girdle with his own hands in three ways.

  • Adhesive belt is made of fabric, parchment or film that is tightly wrapped around the trunk at a height of 40-60 cm from the ground. Then the material evenly with a minimum width of 10 cm is applied with a special glue (Pustefix, Acrylic, Lasolep, Ratrap, etc.) or grease.
  • Poisonous belt is prepared in the same way, but the fabric is insecticide (Actar, Aktellik, spark, etc.). Then the upper part of this “skirt” is fixed on the barrel of the wrap and tightly wrapped it. It is important that the insects could get under the treated fabric, but I couldn’t get out.
  • Bilateral belt-a funnel is done quickly and protects from insects, moving in two directions at once. On a piece of cloth or burlap with a width of 30-40 cm is applied to the insecticide, then it was wrapped in a tree trunk. The center of the fabric tightly strapped to the trunk with twine and loose “pockets”, formed top and bottom filled with clay. Thus, insects will be on the site, insecticide, and die.
  • However, the types of hunting zones a lot, and you can choose something to your taste or to invent entirely new design.

    When to apply and to remove hunting belt

    Ловчий пояс для защиты деревьев: когда накладывать и снимать, как сделать самому

    The fastening of the hunting zones in the trees (stone fruits, pome fruits and ornamental) need to be addressed after the snow melts when it starts to thaw the ground. In the early days of the present, not the calendar spring, in the upper layers of the soil, awakening the hibernating pests that go in search of shelter and food. In the middle lane of this period in the second half of April, other regions should look at the weather conditions and the condition of the soil.

    Remove the trapping zone of the trees should not at the same time. With stone removed after harvest, and seed and decorative – not until the end of October. The fact that in the crown of Apple, pear, etc. likes to lay eggs of the winter moth. Then she goes down for the winter, and at this moment it is possible to catch.

    How to care for hunting zones

    Ловчий пояс для защиты деревьев: когда накладывать и снимать, как сделать самому

    Depending on the chosen model Falconer belts, service design may vary. However, any Stalker in the zone will need to examine every 2-3 days (ideally daily) in order to destroy harmful insects caught in the trap, and to produce useful, if they got there.

    During the inspection, you must have a bucket of salt water, a mixture of water and kerosene or diesel fuel, detergent or other means in which you can reset the insects without fear that they will choose. Some gardeners also shake hunting zone in the fire, but a fire in a day is not rational.

    If sticky belt or waistband-funnel overflowing, they need to be removed and replaced with new, and try not to delay, because in this state they are not working, and insects enter freely in the crown. Also control the fit of the belt to the trunk – it should not pinch and damage the bark, but should not leave crevices through which insects will be able to get up or down the shaft.


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