Thousands of tourists gathered in the Italian countryside to see the meadows blooming animated impressionist paintings (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Corriere della Sera / YouTube

Тысячи туристов съехались в итальянскую деревню, чтобы увидеть на цветущих лугах ожившие картины импрессионистов (ФОТО, ВИДЕО)

Many tourists come to the village of Castelluccio, which is located in the commune of Norcia in Central Italy, to see a beautiful sight – flowering meadows. On the borders are blue, red, yellow and white stripes. One of the most beautiful in the country, the scenery is dominated by poppies, cornflowers, bluebells, daffodils, daisies, mustard and lentils. Flowering on these fields is called Fioritura.

All fields in the valley grow by themselves, the plants they did not plant. The first flowers appear in late may, and its peak reaches Fioritura in July. No one knows exactly when meadows are covered with blue, red or yellow, the Beautiful Umbria.

To see the incredible scenery attracts thousands of tourists. Every day they rise to a height of 1.5 km above sea level to capture the views. Natural paths allow them to pass without causing damage to the planted fields, according to Il Messagero, citing Agency ANSA.

“Many tourists choose Castelluccio in recent weeks, raising hope for the future and give us the strength and courage after four years after the earthquake and very difficult months in case of emergency, because COVID-19”, – stressed the mayor of Norcia Nicola Alemanno, and notes that the influx of people creates an annual problem with Parking places in the earthquake-stricken village. He hoped that next year a joint decision with the National Park Monti of Sibillini will be found.

And local farms are famous for the fact that they grow the most delicious lentils. It grows among wildflowers. Daisies, cornflowers and poppies not only adorn the fields, but also support the thin stems of legumes. Lentils are grown in these places since ancient times, reports NTD TV channel.

“These flowers are wild. They brought agriculture, which worked on lentil and wheat fields in other areas. So they gradually grew and bloom next to lentils,” explained the surprising origins of the fields of a local farmer Antonio Barcaroli.

A view of fields of flowers is seen in Castelluccio, Italy, July 6, 2020.

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