The scientists saw in masks protection from hovering in the air coronavirus

Wearing masks to protect against coronavirus infection still makes a lot of sense. Especially now, when experts point to the danger of “hanging” in the air of microscopic particles with the infection. Scientists came to the conclusion that the use of masks reduces the risk of infection COVID-19 to 65%, and if you follow the social distancing, the threat of getting sick is reduced even more.

Ученые увидели в масках защиту от зависшего в воздухе коронавируса

A team of scientists from children’s hospital Davis Children’s Hospital at the University of California found that the protection of the nose and mouth reduced the risk of infection COVID-19 to 65 percent.

According to Daily Mail, earlier researchers believed that wearing masks is only useful to prevent transmission of the virus to others. But, as shown by new research, a simple means of individual protection not only allows the sick person to spread the virus, but also protect healthy people from disease.

“Everyone should wear a mask”, – says the head of the division of infectious diseases children in Davis Children’s Hospital Dr. Dean Blumberg. – People who say “I don’t believe that the mask work”, ignoring the scientific evidence. It is not a belief system. It’s like saying “I don’t believe in gravity”.

There are two main methods by which spread of the coronavirus. The first is through droplets that disperse in the air when someone coughs or sneezes. The researchers say that these drops have a size of approximately one third of a human hair, but visible to the naked eye.

The second way is almost indistinguishable to the eye aerozolya particles that people Willy-nilly spray into the air, for example, when talking. This option is more dangerous from the point of view of transmission, but the risk can be reduced by avoiding crowded areas.

“Research in the laboratory now indicate that the virus remains alive in aerosol form with half-lives in hours. He remains in the air, says Dr. William Ristenpart. – That’s why it’s better to be outside in all social situations, if possible. Good air flow disperses the virus. If you are indoors, consider opening the Windows. Need more fresh air.”

Several studies have shown that different types of masks can prevent the ingress of droplets into the respiratory system. Including that the wearing of a mask reduced the amount of droplets and aerosol particles that people with the flu or a cold spray in the air.

According to Ristenpart, while the plexiglass for the front flaps and cells provides protection, transmission may still occur if there is good air flow: “Aerosol particles small enough to travel through the air like odors. That’s why air flow is so important, along with other actions such as wearing masks and social distancing”.

“We know that social distancing reduces the risk of transmission by 90 percent, and the wearing of masks reduces the risk by 65 percent, says Dr. Dean Blumberg. – Wearing the mask affects all. If you care about your family or friends if you care about your community, put on a mask”.


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