Famous last words of Floyd and police officers USA: “Tell my children I love them”

In the United States was able to decipher the dying words, which said George Floyd to the police. It is known that more than 20 times he uttered the phrase “I can’t breathe”. In the end, he said he was dying.

Floyd, when he was on earth more than 20 times, police said difficult for him to breathe. In response to the suture that was crushed to the ground, Floyd said that “talking requires a lot of oxygen.”

LigaNews informs citing The Guardian.

Reporters deciphered the last words of Floyd, who recorded the police lapel video recorder. From the transcript it is clear that the Americans tried to cooperate with law enforcement authorities. However, he constantly complained of pain in the abdomen and chest.

Floyd asked me not to put him in a police car, as can be claustrophobic. One of the officers noticed that the detainee bad breathe, and told the partner.

According to the transcript, the police approached the car, Floyd and asked him to leave. The latter feared that it can shoot, what repeatedly. The victim also stated that recently buried the mother and fears of claustrophobia.

Last words were that he loves his children and he will not live.

Floyd died in hospital, and the United States, a wave of protests.


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