Grown iceberg lettuce at home

Выращиваем кочанный салат в домашних условиях

Iceberg lettuce contains lots of vitamins, fiber. It’s healthy, but not everyone can manage to grow it.
For growing iceberg lettuce suitable for any climatic conditions. It does not matter and type of soil. It should be loosened to a greater depth. You must choose the salad a Sunny place, with insufficient lighting is not fully Mature heads of cabbage and increases the nitrate content.


Sowing under glass or on a windowsill can be produced at the end of January to may, transplant the seedlings to the open ground. Germination starts at a temperature of 5 0 C. If the temperature exceeds 200 C, the germination of seeds is difficult. They need before landing throughout the day to stand in the refrigerator and sow in the evening, when it will be cooler.

Выращиваем кочанный салат в домашних условиях

To avoid transplanting seedlings, due to which it weakens, it is possible to carry out direct seeding. In a well-prepared seedbed to plant the seeds at a depth of 1 cm Distance between the rows should be about 25 cm After germination the plants were thinned, leaving between them intervals of 20 – 25 cm.
When planting lettuce in the garden should adhere to the intervals between the plants. Seedlings are best planted into a small mound, in any case not digging deep roots. In the first days of seedling poorly kept, looks weak, but after a short period of time it becomes resistance. Under favorable conditions from planting young plants to harvest is 5 to 6 weeks.

Fertilizer and irrigation

Requirements of lettuce in relation to nutrients is low. It requires soil with plenty of humus and good illumination. When planting be paid a small amount of compost or rotted manure. This will be enough for a good harvest.
Salad quickly fade when he disrupted. This shows the high water content in the leaves. Soil moisture is very important for lettuce, but in cold weather, excess moisture adversely affects the plant.
Iceberg lettuce long retains its properties, so it is important to collect. Shouldn’t make too large of landing at the same time, it is better to plant parties.

Выращиваем кочанный салат в домашних условиях


Sometimes the lettuce aphid appears, which, however, is easily washed off with water. In terms of too high humidity on the leaves appear gray mold. It is removed, the soil loosened and the problem eliminated itself. Trouble can deliver the snails. Remains collected cabbages left in the ground to distract the pests from the young plants. The wireworms, which eat the roots, lure raw potato. Her evening minuut in the ground near the plants, and in the morning remove Ugristics her larvae.
Iceberg lettuce, under favorable weather conditions and proper care, will give a good harvest.


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